The Site is located to the north of Coldharbour Lane and east of Ten Acre Lane on the eastern edge of Thorpe village.


With an area of circa 13.57 hectares, the Site extends from Ten Acre Lane on its western edge to the boundary with existing residential properties to the east and from Coldharbour Lane to the south up to, but not including, Thorpe Cemetery.

The Site is broadly L-shaped and is currently grassland with trees and hedges marking its boundaries.

Contiguous with the settlement boundary for Thorpe, the Site is located within the Thorpe Conservation Area. There are no listed buildings within or immediately adjacent to the Site.

The Site falls entirely within Flood Zone 1 and is considered at low risk from flooding.

Thorpe Redline Plan


The Site was formerly used for gravel extraction before being backfilled with inert material and restored to grassland.

Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan

The Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum have worked with the local community over a number of years to prepare a neighbourhood plan for the area. The Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan has now passed successfully through examination and Runnymede Borough Council have agreed that it can proceed to referendum. If a majority vote in favour of the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan, it will then become part of the development plan for Runnymede covering the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan designated area.

A range of local needs were identified by the Forum in consultation with the local community. This includes a need for new homes including affordable homes as well as public parking in proximity to the Church and Village Hall, additional outdoor space for community and sporting activities, changing/ toilet facilities and more publicly accessible greenspace.

CEMEX’s land at Coldharbour Lane/ Ten Acre Lane seeks to provide a range of facilities that responds to the local needs identified and specifically set out in the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan.

Thorpe Site Photo


CEMEX UK owns the Site north of Coldharbour Lane/ east of Ten Acre Lane. Whilst CEMEX is a leading supplier of building materials, we do not build homes. However, we are committed to building a better and more sustainable future.

At Thorpe, we support the objective of the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan to meet the recreational and housing needs of the community. Our intention is to apply for outline planning permission on our site to the east of the village to provide for the range of uses envisaged by the Neighbourhood Plan allocation in response to the identified local needs. The development of the Site would then be taken forward by a developer in line with the parameters and obligations agreed as part of the outline application.

Thorpe Site Photo