Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan

The Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum have worked with the local community over a number of years to prepare a neighbourhood plan for the area. The Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan has now passed successfully through examination and Runnymede Borough Council have agreed that it can proceed to referendum. If a majority vote in favour of the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan, it will then become part of the development plan for Runnymede covering the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan designated area.

A range of local needs were identified by the Forum in consultation with the local community. This includes a need for new homes including affordable homes as well as public parking in proximity to the Church and Village Hall, additional outdoor space for community and sporting activities, changing/ toilet facilities and more publicly accessible greenspace.

CEMEX’s land at Coldharbour Lane/ Ten Acre Lane seeks to provide a range of facilities that responds to the local needs identified and specifically set out in the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan.

Thorpe Site Photo