Community Facilities

Car Park: There is currently limited public car parking within Thorpe Village, particularly in proximity to the Church and Village Hall. Thorpe Cemetery also only has a small car park. The proposals incorporate a car park capable of accommodating around 44 car parking spaces. This is accessed from Ten Acre Lane, providing easy access on foot to the Cemetery to the north and Village core to the south west. It is also located adjacent to the proposed multi-use community area, changing/ WC facilities and play area and will also serve the new 10-hectare public park.

Multi-Use Community/ Sports Area: This area of almost 1.5 hectares is to provide an area of open space for sports/ recreation. An additional area has been identified to accommodate a building to provide toilet/ changing and associated facilities to support the use of this space.

Equipped Play Area: A Local Equipped Area of Play is proposed in proximity to the Multi-Use Community/ Sports/ Area and car park and to the north of the residential parcel. This will provide play space for the new homes and wider community with its location contributing to a ‘hub’ of activity at the heart of the Site.

Cemetery Extension: As part of the restoration scheme, we committed to provide an eastward extension to the existing Cemetery. This is shown on the plans here. In accordance with the agreed contractual terms, the Borough Council will take forward the detailed delivery of the extension.

Public Park: The majority of the Site (some 10 hectares) is to be provided as a public park, the aim being to provide greater access to greenspace and Green Belt land in and around the Village. The park will be laid out to encourage informal walking and recreation.

Improvements are proposed to the public park which aim to enhance the landscape and biodiversity interest of the Site through the retention of existing landscape features and provision of additional hedgerows and planting that connect to the existing network of green infrastructure as envisaged by the blue and green infrastructure policies in the Thorpe Neighbourhood Plan.

The existing Public Right of Way that runs through the eastern part of the Site is to be retained with new paths in the park connecting to this to provide an improved recreational network through the Site and connecting to the wider area.

The intention is for all of the community facilities to remain within the Green Belt as appropriate uses.

Thorpe Land Use Plan
Land Use Plan (click to enlarge)
Thorpe Urban Design Principles
Urban Design Principles (click to enlarge)
Thorpe Green Infrastructure Plan
Green Infrastructure Plan (click to enlarge)